Dashboard Challenge


This is a business case design challenge I did during an onsite job interview. All the work was done in 5 hours
(Annotations in wireframes were added afterwards.)


Joe is one of many managers at a local gas company called ABC Gas. He manages about 40 employees. These employees work in the field responding to orders at customer locations. Joe has collected data about his business and wants to use a dashboard to help him analyze this data and answer some business questions.




Due to the lack of resources and time for user research, I had to skip it and went ahead creating a fictional persona, based on the background and questions given.


User Flow


Design Criteria

1. Provides overview and detail of emergency orders

2. Be able to track all types of orders

3. Assists employee performance tracking

Low Fidelity Wireframe




Homepage Assignment


Order History




High Fidelity Prototype

Homepage: colors represent different grouped orders, and a small bar chart shows the order distribution in a day, including the emergency orders and all orders. In sidebar menu, report export function is added to accommodate the need for report documentation. In the tables, sorting feature is provided for all numerical data. Filter feature is provided for all categorical data.


Homepage assignment: "assign" checkbox plus confirm button provides two-click security for employee assignment.


Order History: all charts can be customized if the user wants to show different data attributes. Also, the layout of this history page can be customized through the button at the right corner, to display a personalized information


If I had more time...

It's a shame that I couldn't finish the high fidelity of employee page in the time limit of 5 hours, also missing a lot of details for certain pages. If I had more time, I would iterate more data visualization for order history page, plus creating more status page for an interactive prototype. All in all, it's a great practice for a user-centered design process in a short time, giving me experience of working in both time and resource limit.